Outdoor Coal Boilers Image

Outdoor Coal Boilers

We took our Coal Gun boiler that has been manufactured since 1982 and not only built an outdoor housing on it but added some features such as a 30 days (S130) automated feed and ash dump!

Commercial Wood Boilers Image

Commercial Wood Boilers

Boasting 66% higher efficiency than competing products, and engineered to reduce labor and maintenance, the Wood Gun line is the Cadillac of wood boilers.

Coal Boilers Image

Coal Boilers

Obsessively engineered for simplicity and efficiency, our Coal Gun line of coal boilers offer easy-to-use, low-maintenance boilers, suitable for any application.

Multi-Fuel Boilers Image

Multi-Fuel Boilers

Why limit your options? Our Multi-Fuel boilers offer the ultimate fuel flexibility, along with excellent performance and rugged dependability. Change the fuel you burn throughout the cold-weather seasons based on availability or price.

Waste Oil Boilers Image

Waste Oil Boilers

If you have an abundant source of waste oil, then utilizing our waste oil boiler is a no-brainer solution that will pay returns for decades.

Hot Air Furnaces Image

Hot Air Furnaces

Our Stoker furnaces work with your thermostat and make it easy to transition from costly heat sources to heating with rice coal—a superior and more economic fuel.

Parts & Options Image

Parts & Options

Between individual parts, add-ons, and options for all Alternative Heating Solutions boilers, you can find what you need in our online parts store.