Waste Oil Boilers


Ten Year Warranty

The B-Series waste oil boilers offer the most efficient heat exchanger and create the cleanest burn of our Waste Oil line. The B500 puts out a net BTU/hr of 500,000. This efficient waste oil boiler is the ultimate answer to your used oil disposal challenges.

Double Savings – Fast Payback!

Heat your facility and generate hot water without the cost, eliminating the liability and expense of contracted offsite disposal. Onsite recycling is the preferred method of avoiding liability and reusing energy to enhance your bottom line.

Turn Waste Into $$

This efficient waste oil boiler will allow you to dispose of waste oil while eliminating the possibility of water-polluting spills. Disposing motor oils and petroleum-based fluids from commonly used internal combustion engines has traditionally been a burden. One quart of waste oil can pollute 250,000 gallons of water, and cleanup is nearly impossible.

Recover value from this waste product by providing heat and hot water to your business! Onsite recycling is the preferred method by the EPA to avoid liability, reuse energy and enhance your bottom line with an Alternate Heating waste oil boiler that will give you decades of service.

Our efficient waste oil boilers are compatible with a variety of waste oil burners and can burn a variety of waste oil fuels, including crankcase oil, gear oil, transmission fluid, hydraulic fluid, fuel oil, vegetable oil, and more; these boilers offer a one-stop solution for saving on heating costs and solving your waste oil disposal problem.

Used oil contains suspended solids. When this oil is burned, these solids can add significantly to soot buildup on heat exchange surfaces. That accumulation produces adverse effects. The powerful induced draft, and our trademark Swirl Chamber technology, combined with our cyclone ash separator, provide self-scrubbing action within the heat exchanger to reduce or prevent soot buildup, which is typical in competitors’ waste oil boilers. This allows the B-series to maintain maximum efficiency while reducing cleaning and service requirements.

We can build a custom machine for your unique requirements. Each machine carries a 5-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Dedicated craftsmen in Harrisonville, PA, USA, make them.

Engineered for incredible efficiency, our B-Series Waste Oil Boilers are the most state-of-the-art design on the market, excelling over competing brands for over 25 years.


  • A large access door for easy, routine cleaning and maintenance.
  • A refractory lined, extra large combustion chamber, and a heat exchanger engineered for optimal efficiency and heat transfer.
  • Refractory lining and a Target Plate offer protection and combustion at very high temperatures.
  • The induction fan assembly swings out for easy cleaning and maintenance of the heat exchanger.
  • The Cyclone Ash Separator, combined with the induced draft, maintains self-cleaning action while removing fly ash from the exhaust.

*Burners are sold separately.

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  • Double Savings
  • Prevent Soot Buildup
  • Highly Efficient
  • Maintenance Friendly
  • Built & Designed for Longevity
  • Standard ASME Certification
  • Made in USA

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Assembled Specifications



Water Capacity (gal)


Width (in)


Height (in)


Length (in)


Dry Weight (lbs)


Flue Diameter (in)


Supply Tapping (NPT) (in)

(1) 1 1/2"

Heating Surface (square ft)


Furnace Volume (cubic ft)


Minimum Relief Valve Capacity


Nominal Firing Rate (gal/hr)


Minimum Compressed Air Required (cfm @ 30psi)


ID Fan Motor (HP)


Standard Electrical Rating (V)

220/60 Hz

Standard Electrical Rating (A)