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Indoor Wood Boiler

The Wood Gun line is some of the most fuel-efficient wood boilers on the market. A traditional wood boiler wastes two-thirds of your wood’s energy potential. The Wood Gun is a wood gasification boiler, that enables it to capture 66% more of the energy in each piece of wood, transforming it all into clean, consistent heat. We use high-quality stainless steel in our indoor wood boilers which is what gives them incredible durability and longevity, unsurpassed by our competitors. These wood boilers have been made in Pennsylvania since 1981.

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The Wood Gun was built to reduce the labor involved in standard maintenance. For commercial sizes… Click here  For residential sizes… Click here

The Wood Gun spares you considerable wood-splitting time because they are able to handle logs up to 10 inches in diameter. You can burn logs of up to 30% moisture, which cuts down on wood curing time. Our signature Exhaust Scrubbing technology makes the Wood Gun’s heat exchanger self-cleaning. So, the only cleaning you’ll have to do is weekly ash disposal and year-end cleaning.

The Wood Gun line can be used with any heating application (water-based, steam, forced-air)

How it Works

The Self-feeding Option

You can upgrade our commercial wood boilers to be self-feeding! Our self-feeding boilers use a top loading setup. An auger moves the fuel from the storage bin and brings it to the top of the boiler. The fuel is then dropped into a rotary air-lock. This rotary air-lock acts as a fire block. The self-feeding system is controlled by photo-eyes. The photo eyes watch the fuel level in the firebox and when the pile drops too low the eyes, will then, turn the self-feeding system on.


The combustion chamber which is underneath the firebox is made up of cast refractory sections which are arranged to create a few tunnels. Refractory is very similar to your typical firebrick. The refractory bricks have slots that allow the burning fuel and gasses to enter the combustion chamber. In auto-feed setups, special fuel diversion bricks prevent small fuel particles from falling through the slots by .

During the gasification process, the fire goes through the slots and enters the combustion chamber where the temperatures reach more than  2000° F. This intense heat here is what burns all the smoke and creosote. This gives the Wood Gun a clean consistent burn every time.

Swirl Chamber

A draft fan draws the gases down into the combustion chamber. The fuel can burn upside down effectively due to the negative pressure created by the draft fan. Now, this is important because it allows fuel to be loaded continuously with no worry of extinguishing the fire. Once the fire exits the combustion chamber, it enters our signature Swirl Chamber. This is where most of the heat exchange takes place. The gases are put into a swirling action as they pass through the Swirl Chamber. This swirling action will actually clean the walls of the heat exchanger, this greatly extends cleaning intervals. After the Swirl Chamber, the cooled air then exits at a temperature of about 350 F into the flue.


All of the doors and the automatic air intake (air-valve) are gasketed. So, during off-cycle, we can eliminate any air from entering the boiler. This causes the fire to go out quickly. Without fire the boiler cannot make more heat. Overheating is never an issue. Futhermore, when air is allowed back to the wood the huge superheated refractory immediately rekindles the fire. Now the wood boiler can start making heat again.

¹An assortment of fuels can be used, such as corn, nutshells, cherry seeds, and paper pellets. Fuel sources are restricted only by natural concerns, like the amount of soot produced, and fuel economy concerns, accessibility, and BTUs per pound.

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  • Best Warranty
  • Wood Gasification
  • High-Quality Stainless Steel
  • Very Fuel Efficient
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Lifetime Durability
  • Versatile Applications
  • Self-Feeding Options

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Assembled Specifications


100,000 - 999,000

Typical Heating Capacity (square ft)

1,000 - 50,000

Alternate Heating

Smoke Exhaust Hood

The Smoke Exhaust Hood mounts over the load door, capturing any smoke that may escape during the fuel-loading process. This smoke is then vented directly to the outside through a separate vent. When tolerance for smoke is low, the smoke exhaust hood is essential.

Low Temperature Shutdown

If all the fuel has been consumed in your boiler, the Low Temperature Shutdown Feature prevents the boiler from attempting to fire. This keeps the draft fan from blowing the remaining heat out through the flue.

Cycle Timer

This feature adds a timer that triggers the boiler to run for 10 minutes every 2 hours, even if there is no call for heat. This maintains an internal temperature above the kindling point, reducing the need to manually relight the unit during periods of low demand.

Note: A thermal storage option is a good idea for any wood boiler, but is especially important for boilers fitted with the cycle timer option.

Oil/Propane/Natural Gas Backup

The Wood Gun wood boiler can be fitted with a backup fuel option. This requires a dedicated firing tube that must be built in during manufacturing.

Automatic/Manual Switching

For #2 fuel oil, the oil backup can function in an automatic switch-over scenario, with fuel oil taking over when the boiler has exhausted its wood fuel. For other fuels, such as natural gas or propane, switch-over is manual only.

ASME Certification

The ASME Certification guarantees the steel grade and weld quality of the boiler water jacket. Each ASME Certified water jacket has been pressure tested to 60 PSI, and includes a 30 PSI release valve.