With over 35 years of experience in the HVAC industry speciating in the heating of homes and commercial buildings, Alternate Heating is a family-owned and operated company that creates high-quality, custom heating solutions for residential and commercial properties. Made from high-quality materials in our ASME certified shop, we offer a diverse range of products that burn waste oil to anthracite to wood. Our heating systems are inexpensive to operate and built to last a lifetime!

Our anthracite burning units are completely smoke-free and five times cleaner than conventional wood burners. Our heating systems are a safe, environmentally friendly choice for residential homes and large commercial properties alike. From a small system fit for a single living room to a million BTU core boiler that can heat an entire warehouse, Alternate Heating creates heating solutions that are the perfect fit for areas of any size. Made in the USA, our customized products are well designed and suited to fit any customer’s need.

Being a Christian owned business, we value the principles within the biblical scriptures. We strive to live a Christ centered life. We do not believe in leading a double standard approach to business. We owe who we are to what God has done in our lives, and our goal is to lead with Christian integrity in the marketplace. We unrelentingly work for our customers and take great pleasure in giving back to our community. Our purpose is to help customers prosper by keeping their living or workspaces warm with a clean, independent, efficient fuel source, while experiencing substantial savings along the way. We develop and nurture relationships with our customers because when you work with us, you are family.