Alternate Heating Systems is the manufacturer of product lines formerly developed, manufactured and sold under the Eshland brand. These are decribed thoroughly on this website, as to their technical merits. Jeff and Phyllis Gingerich launched Alternate Heating Systems in the late 1990s when the brands were being neglected, and dropped by the company then manufacturing them, due to low fuel oil prices. The timing was excellent, as the business from the existing user base, and new business that developed as a result of energy cost increases, helped them to grow to become an admired solid fuel boiler company.

Our boilers are most commonly found in the northeast, but they have been known to show up in Alaska (and throughout the U.S.), Ireland, England, Australia, Chile and others!

We expect the trend of energy price increases to continue well into the future. There are research and development initiatives in place regarding EPA compliance, new product development, and continued product refinement. We welcome your input as to whatever wishlist you may have in mind. Use our contact form to share with us, or email us at: