Hot Air Furnaces

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BTU/hrTypical Heating Capacity (sqft)Weight (lbs)Flue Size (in)Fuel TypeOptional Backup FuelResidential/ Commercial
VF250090,0002,6007956Rice Anthracite CoalFuel OilResidential
VF2500 PLUS130,0003,6007956Rice Anthracite CoalFuel OilResidential

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Fully Automated

Our hot air furnace is fully automated. You only need to fill the hopper and dump the ashes. These coal stokers are super efficient thanks to the VertiFlow Stoker System and a superior heat exchanger.

VertiFlow Stoker System

The furnace features the VertiFlow Stoker System for maximum heating efficiency and extended burn times. The VertiFlow Stoker System burns each piece of coal thoroughly and completely. It is known for its excellent fire control, outstanding burn times, and maximum heat. From the hopper, coal is fed and controlled automatically depending on the heating demands. This enables fuel to remain in extreme heat during the burn cycle, resulting in greater heating efficiency and less ash.

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Less Tending

An ample 250-pound hopper supplies fuel for up to five days. A large ash tub reduces ash removal frequency. Intuitive user controls are easily accessible and offer automatic temperature management. Compare our product weight versus the competition at the same BTU output. We use heavier plates throughout our product lines. Rugged, overengineered stoves, furnaces, and boilers are a longstanding tradition for Alternate Heating Systems.

Exhaust Sensing Probe

The advanced Exhaust Sensing Probe (ESP) system delivers precise heating control. In order to maintain set temperatures within 1 degree, the ESP system regularly monitors and adjusts heat output accordingly.