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If you have considered using waste oil heating to convert your petroleum products into free sources of heat for your building, then you want exceptional quality in your waste oil boiler or furnace. But how do you go about shopping for a good waste oil boiler? Knowing how essential quality is and realizing the importance of free heat through the use of waste products, we’ve put together some information to help guide you in your search. Later, we’ll introduce you not only to the best company for your alternate heating needs but we’ll also suggest a product with which to get started on your search. Consider the following guidelines when you are looking for a good waste oil boiler/furnace.

What Makes A Good Waste Oil Boiler


How many types of waste oil would you like to safely convert to heat through the use of your alternate heating product? You may want to choose a unit that burns diesel or #2 fuel oil, automatic transmission fluid, crankcase oil, hydraulic oil, and most synthetic oils.

USA Manufactured

This doesn’t matter to everyone, but numerous residents and commercial owners/operators are opting for products that are made in the USA, whenever possible.

Frequent Cleaning Not Needed and Easy to Clean

To keep your heat source working, you don’t want to do any more work than is necessary. You can maintain your equipment more efficiently with units that have a large firing chamber for the oil to fully combust! An air swept, high-velocity, and “self-cleaning” heat exchanger designed to handle the ashes produced when used oil is burned.


When investing in a furnace or boiler, durability matters. The thickness and quality of the steel components as well design and the welders of a waste oil boiler should not only give you year-after-year savings but should also last for a long, long time.

Cost Savings

One of the biggest draws where alternate heating sources are concerned is that, compared to traditional heating technology, amazing cost savings can be achieved. Ask the manufacturer of the equipment you’re considering what kind of ROI (return on investment) you can expect and how much you will save by using a waste oil furnace.

Here’s Where to Find the Best Waste Oil Boiler

At Alternative Heating Systems, we believe that creating a comfortable indoor environment shouldn’t be a complicated process or need to cost a lot of money. Therefore, we provide easy, cost-effective heating solutions to keep your commercial or residential space warm and comfortable.

If you have questions about pricing, please feel free to contact us by calling 717-987-0099. You can also choose, if you’d rather, our convenient online form here for questions you may have.