Pressurized Vs. Open Boiler Systems

February 10, 2022 Multi-Fuel

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Do you know about the types of boiler systems are available? There are two types of boiler systems, the pressurized boiler system, and the open boiler system. It is a good idea to become familiar with them. Read on to learn more about pressurized and open boiler systems!

Pressurized Boiler System vs Open Boiler System

A boiler is a device that heats water that is distributed throughout a building. The heated water radiates its heat to warm the space. The cooled water then returns to the boiler and the cycle starts over. If the system is open to the atmosphere it is called an open system or a nonpressurized system. A system that is closed off from the atmosphere is called a closed or pressurized system. A pressurized system runs at 12psi (a low pressure) and an open system is never under pressure.

The main benefit of having a closed system is that water is totally separated and sealed from the atmosphere, which contains oxygen. Water combined with oxygen will corrode and rust the metal boiler walls, drastically shortening the life of the boiler. The closed system’s water will not evaporate, decreasing the water level, and will not contain oxygen which rots the boiler, because it is sealed off from the atmosphere. Another benefit of the water being under pressure is that it will not boil as fast, it boils at a higher temperature of more than 230 degrees. You can run a closed boiler hotter compared to an open system. If properly installed with the correct components like a pressure relief valve, and an expansion tank, and, if it is built to the ASME boiler standards, pressurized boilers are very safe.

An open system is cheaper to purchase because the boiler can be made cheaper, as it does not have to follow any boiler standards. If the boiler is overfired and it starts to boil, the steam escapes through a pipe and it is vented naturally. There are many boilers in service that use this method.

The drawback of open systems is that they have to be kept filled with water and be monitored constantly. The water is always being evaporated from the system so it must be replaced, this is needed every 4-8 weeks. If the water gets too low it will seriously damage the boiler. You can use the automated fill systems that will keep the boiler full of water all the time. Since the water in an open system is not sealed from the atmosphere the water will contain oxygen. The oxygenated water will corrode and rust the boiler. To prevent this from causing too much damage you must clean the water jacket by flushing and refilling it every year. You will also use chemicals every year to help clean the water jacket and stabilize the water. Check the system often to make sure it is functioning well.

Should You Get the Pressurized Boiler System or the Open Boiler System?

The advantages of the closed pressurized boiler system are that it is more energy-efficient, because of less heat loss and a closed system can have a life of 30+ years! It has a lot less amount of annual maintenance, which means less cost over time. The advantages of an open boiler system are that they are cheaper to purchase and may be slightly cheaper to install. We always recommend a closed system to our customers!

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