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Taking proper care of your outdoor wood boiler is crucial to ensure optimal function. Investing in an outdoor boiler is a cheaper heating alternative and saves you money on heating costs, but you need to know what can be done to protect its life. There are many components and parts of a boiler that requires care so that you can reap its benefits. Read on to find out 4 ways to get the most out of your outdoor wood boiler.

Treat Your Water

Treating water in an outdoor wood boiler is often overlooked. When the layer of steel comes into contact with oxygen and moisture, it creates rust. This could lead to corrosion that may form cracks in the water jacket. To avoid such situations, the water must be treated with a rust inhibitor. It is a chemical liquid that is to be mixed with water. After treating the water, you must send a sample to a lab for testing to ensure it is properly treated. The results will inform you whether your outdoor wood boiler is well protected.

Monitor Ash Levels

The less ash in an outdoor wood boiler, the more efficiently it burns wood. When there are thick layers of ash in the boiler not only does it reduce efficiency, but also damages the inner layers of steel. It causes a substance to form that corrodes the boiler. Be mindful of ash build-up that passes the bottom door frame, that will be too much ash in the boiler. Remember to check in, remove the ash, and scrape the firebox every month. Consistent ash maintenance is key to a well-functioning boiler and a first step to preventing any issues.

Remove Sediments

Sediment buildup is common in outdoor wood boilers. However, if not properly cared for, it could lead to damage and corrosion. Sediment buildup occurs when the system uses a low-temperature water filter. Ensuring a high temperature is one step in preventing damage from sediments. The solution is to drain out the sediments by opening the boiler’s drain at the bottom. Let the water run until it becomes clear. Flush your boiler system only when the water remains muddy.

Do Not Overfill Your Firebox

A boiler can never completely dry out if there is too much wood in your firebox. To protect the steel layers, outdoor wood boilers need to function in a dry state. This is known as the “Dry Burn” technique. Do not add firewood to the firebox unless the previous batch has all been burned. It provides the boiler some time to burn with only dry coals. Dry burning your boiler every day helps to prolong the boiler’s life, reduce maintenance, and enhance burn efficiency.


Incorporating a few simple things into your outdoor wood boiler routine will help it perform efficiently for a long time. This makes maintenance easier and saves you thousands of dollars in heating costs.

If you need professional advice on how to optimize your outdoor wood boiler and are thinking of investing in one, contact us today!