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As newer and more sustainable forms of energy are made available by the advancement of science and technology, we are constantly looking for more cost-effective and economical alternatives to gas and oil fired boilers. Considering the latest statistics, newer types of heaters, boilers and furnaces are more energy-efficient and generally have an annual fuel utilization efficiency of 80% and above. We cover four types you should consider for your home and business.

Pellet Burner

Who knew the day would come when the traditional method of burning woods and pellets would make a comeback and be the alternative to a gas boiler? With advancements in technology and engineering, pellet burners are now more energy-efficient and burn much cleaner than other solid fuel forms. These pellets are a compound of organic wood-based materials such as nutshells, corn husks, etc. Additionally, these come in sizes that vary in BTU power.

Geothermal Heating

As the name suggests, this heating source draws its energy from the earth’s underground. However, depending on your geographical location, the underground temperature can range between 45 to 75°F. It can efficiently supply heat to your home by absorbing cold air from the external environment and passing it through geothermal pumps and systems that warm it up underground. 

The initial costs for geothermal heating can be intimidating and can exceed a gas boiler at first, due to the setup process requiring the drilling of holes in the ground and the placement of coils that transfer heat. However, the long-term benefits of geothermal heating eventually outweigh the costs, as it can last 25 to 30 years.


Coal is one of the least expensive forms of alternative energy for home central heating systems. This is because coal is a dense fuel that burns more efficiently and produces a greater quantity of BTUs per hour compared to other sources. There are four varieties of coal that may be burned: lignite, subbituminous coal, bituminous coal, and anthracite coal, listed in order of least to most efficient. Anthracite has the largest carbon concentration, therefore it produces the most heat and burns the cleanest. We use mainly Anthracite coal in our coal units.


Wood is another inexpensive, renewable and sustainable fuel source. Wood burning releases less pollutants into the air when done in a gasification system, which is a huge benefit for ecologically aware people. In the newest wood boilers, you burn 2/3 less wood thanks to more efficiently and completely burning the wood as well.

Solar Heating

Solar heating, which comes in two main forms – passive and active, has become a growingly popular alternative for heating homes. This alternative absorbs pre-existing heat energy and repurposes it to warm up the house. Passive solar heating depends on solar gain, where heat energy is retained using a thermal mass and absorber. As a result, they heavily rely on windows and skylights to maximize solar gain while delivering energy efficiency. On the other hand, active solar heating utilizes solar energy to warm up a material like heat or air, which is then disseminated into the living space.

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