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Do you know about biomass heating? Biomass heating is an affordable heating fuel that is made of any organic matter i.e. wood, corn, cherry pits, mulch, sawdust, etc. It provides you with a cost-effective way of heating your space. It is also a lower carbon option, so it is environmentally friendly. There are so many benefits to using biomass heating instead of traditional methods of heating. Read on to learn more about biomass heating!

Why Should You Employ Biomass Heating?

Biomass is a renewable energy source. It is made from burning plants, wood, and other organic matter. This process releases carbon dioxide when burned but it is much less compared to burning fossil fuels. Biomass heating systems power the hot water boilers and central heating for your home or business. Using a wood-fueled biomass boiler can save you a lot of money. The most common use we see is wood product manufacturers using their scaps to heat during the winter which means their heating bill dropped nearly to $0.00!

Benefits of Biomass Heating

There are many benefits to biomass heating. These include the following:

  • Affordable heating fuel
    The price of wood fuel varies significantly but it is often more affordable than the other heating options or it may even be free. So, this is a good way of heating if you want to save on costs.
  • Financial support
    Sometimes you can find renewable heat rebates. Biomass stoves and boiler systems might be covered by these government incentives. If so, you can receive financial support when using these alternative forms of heating systems.
  • A low carbon option
    If you are someone who cares greatly about the environment, this is something you might want to consider. The carbon dioxide that is emitted when the wood is being burned is the same as the amount that had been absorbed by the plant as it was growing over the years. Therefore, this is a sustainable process. Carbon emissions can be caused by the manufacture, cultivation, and transportation of fuel but if the fuel is locally sourced, it is much lower than that from fossil fuels.
  • Automatic filling
    A biomass heating system will most of the time come with a system to automatically feed the fire and dump the ashes, much like our coal stokers. These systems include augers, sensors, and airlocks. These automatic filling systems dramatically cut down on your service times

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