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Purchasing a multi-fuel boiler that is cost-effective, heavily built, and easy to use is vital. However, the fuel you feed your boiler determines how effectively it will work; it will even affect the amount of btus and burn times. What is the best kind of fuel is best to burn?

The article discovers the types of fuels for multi-fuel boilers.

What is the Best Fuel for a Multi-fuel Boiler?

The ability to burn various fuels is one of the best things about multi-fuel boilers. This is the best option if you live somewhere where it isn’t easy to find adequate firewood. It’s still crucial to use the optimum fuels for your boiler. The best fuel for a multi-fuel boiler is Anthracite (hard) coal. Your fire must be able to draw air from below in order to burn coal. Therefore, multi-fuel burners have a vented grate on which you may set your coal. The grate is what sets a multi-fuel boiler apart from a wood burner.

Wood produces a lot of smoke when it is burning. This smoke is unburned fuel you are wasting out of the flue. It also condenses in the chimney to form creosote; if this builds up, a chimney fire is possible. Therefore, using a standard log burner is preferable if you are confident that you want to burn wood only. Wood gasification boilers reburn the smoke increasing the efficiency significantly; they are also much safer.

Can You Use Normal Coal on a Multi-fuel Boiler?

You can use Normal Coal in a multi-fuel boiler. Normal coal or bituminous (soft) coal is readily available in most of North America. Soft coal is also cheaper than buying wood or anthracite coal. Good quality soft coal contains more energy than wood, which is excellent for extended burn times.

However, soft coal can be dirty to store. Unlike anthracite coal, soft coal produces some suet and smoke when burning. Anthracite coal also contains more energy per pound than wood and soft coal.

Our multi-fuel boilers are so versatile they can burn various fuels efficiently with minor adjustment. Our boilers are made with heavy ¼ thick steel plate and cast iron grates, so you can trust our boiler to last! Give us a call to see which boiler would fit your home the best.