April 12, 2023 Coal Gun

For generations, homes and businesses have relied on coal-burning boilers for heating. While these boilers offer certain advantages, they also come with disadvantages. This article will explore the advantages and disadvantages of using a coal-burning boiler for heating.

The heat produced by burning anthracite coal is transferred into the water jacket. Your home, hot water, swimming pool, or outdoor structures may all be heated using the heated water using a series of exchange units. 

Pros Of A Coal-Burning Boiler

Ease of load and reduced work

For automated coal stokers, just add coal to the hopper of your furnace and let it burn. Obtaining reliable heat requires little effort. Wood needs a lot more time, effort, and labor than coal between cutting, stacking, and seasoning.

Coals are easily stored

Coal is more energy per cubic foot and is resistant to rotting and insects, unlike wood, which takes a significant amount of space to keep and can contain bugs. Wood will also decay. Time is saved, and maintenance is kept to a minimum using fuel-feeding devices like augers and hoppers.

Bought in bulk affordably

Several businesses sell coal in bags or as straightforward dump-and-go delivery for convenient bulk purchases. Your coal may be augured in by some companies. Coal has a volume of around 40 cubic feet per ton.

Round-the-clock heat source

Unlike many other energy sources like solar, wind, or hydro, coal is never impacted by the weather or the quantity of sunshine available each day. A coal-burning furnace is an excellent option for those who don’t want to worry about backup energy because coal is a dependable fuel source.

Cons Of A Coal-Burning Boiler

Not easily available

Although coal is a cost-effective and efficient energy source, it isn’t always readily available, especially if you’re seeking anthracite (hard coal). The Eastern United States has the biggest concentration of coal, which necessitates higher transportation expenses for other regions.

Ash needs to be removed regularly

There are always going to be ashes produced while burning solid fuel. If you keep up with the ash removal, your coal-burning furnace will operate optimally and retain its durability for years.

Despite the minimal extra time keeping the hopper full and emptying the ash pan, coal stokers are amazing machines. You can heat anything your home, domestic water, pool, and garage, for a fraction of the cost.