March 12, 2022 Wood Gun

You and your family deserve independence and peace of mind. One way to get that is through the long-term investment in an wood furnace. For one thing, throughout your home, you could provide steady, endless hot water. Additionally, with no heating bill, you could warm your entire home. There are some features and categories that must be considered in order to choose a quality wood boiler, and you will do well to consider them during the search process.

Heating Machines

Things to look for in a high quality wood boiler (and the company that sells it to you) include excellent customer support, a good warranty, materials for longevity and quality, ongoing savings and efficiency, and ease-of-use. For the peace of mind and independence we just mentioned, a wood boiler that gets high grades in all those categories is more likely to be a good quality choice.

Customer Support and Warranty

You want to protect your investment to further your peace of mind so, whenever making a large purchase, the warranty should be figured in. Make you understand the warranty fully, for example, a boiler that is advertised with a 20-year warranty may only be covered fully for 5-years and will be prorated for the last 15 years. Make sure the warranty lasts as long as possible. Knowing your investment is safe and secure, you can rest easy.

Customer service representatives should consist of nothing less than amazing, professional, and committed human beings instead of a recording. After-sale support should be offered by a company, in addition to professional installation and expert advice by qualified and trained technicians.

Purchase a Unit That Will Last

Granted, various products will last for different lengths of time. But one constant that impacts longevity is the construction quality of an alternate heating product. You should receive trouble-free heat year after year from a stainless steel boiler that is well maintained.

Whether you’re looking for a commercial unit, or residential unit, talk to your dealer about the life expectancy of the product. Get the most for your money.

Saving Money and Efficiency

Here are some common questions related to getting the most out of your money:

  • How often will the firebox need to be loaded?

– If you only have to load your furnace once at night and once in the morning, that’s far better than every four hours, every day.

  • Will I need a lot of wood?

– In the middle of winter, running out of firewood is the last thing anyone wants or needs.

Don’t shy away from discussing product efficiency with the seller of the unit you’re considering. You want to maximize your burn times and reduce your fuel costs with the unit you choose.

Ease of Use

You may not always be around when your furnace is in use. For this reason and more, it’s important that the product you choose is easily operated by your entire family, as well as you, yourself. Dependability is also crucial. It will not do for your furnace to quit while you’re away – or at any other time.

Other factors that may weigh in: Heat exchange tubes should be easily cleanable, you should be able to add wood without getting a face full of smoke, and the furnace should be installable in more locations than just one.

Here’s Where to Find the Best Quality Commercial Wood Boiler

At Alternate Heating Systems, we believe it shouldn’t cost a fortune or be a hassle to maintain a comfortable temperature indoors. For that very reason, we focus on helping you keep your commercial space or home relaxed and warm with cost-effective, simple heating solutions.

If you are in search of a quality commercial wood boiler, look no further than our company. As an example, check out our E250 Model Wood Boiler here. Available in both stainless steel and carbon steel, it can heat up to 9000 square feet and puts out 250,000 BTU/hr. With an 80% plus efficiency rating, we use this, the smallest of our Wood Gun series model, as nothing more than an example of what we have to offer. Products in this line go all the way up to our E1000 Model and our residential model the Super E210 model.

If you have questions about pricing, please feel free to contact us by calling 717-987-0099. You can also choose, if you’d rather, our convenient online form here for questions you may have.