Alternatives to Fossil Fuels – Becoming Fuel Independent

July 9, 2021 Multi-Fuel

Fuel Independence Alternatives to Fossil Fuels

Fuel vs. Solar & Wind; Unforeseen Shortcomings

The environment is on a lot of peoples’ radars lately. From politics to small businesses to the everyday person, trying to keep up with all the ways you can be environmentally conscious can be tough—especially when it comes to the ways you heat your home. A lot of homeowners and businesses are researching and turning to solar or wind energy to satisfy that environmental itch to find alternatives to fossil fuels, but this new technology can be very costly and even be affected by the weather. A cloudy, rainy, snowy day or week should never put your family’s warmth and comfort at risk. Before you jump into that kind of investment, read on to learn more about financial risks of solar or wind energy and the easy savings Alternate Heating Solutions can offer you and your family!

Batteries & Expensive Fixes

The side of the story rarely talked about is what it takes to maintain a solar or wind powered energy solution. Alternatives to fossil fuels comes with pricey upfront costs, batteries, and parts that are expensive to replace or dispose of. You could be looking at a very hefty bill, with your name on it. Not to mention you can never predict when a battery will go bad or stop working entirely causing your system to go down shortly followed by even pricier repairs… The list goes on, and the financial traps can be detrimental. But you can ditch all of that worry and actually save money over time with a boiler solution with low maintenance and even lower yearly cost from Alternate Heating Solutions.

It’s a Myth

If you have ever heard that the only way to efficiently heat your home and protect the environment is through solar or wind energy—we are here to dispel that! Just because it burns doesn’t mean it is going to put forth a plume of chemicals. You just have to burn the right way. When it comes down to it, the efficiency of solar or wind energy solutions fall below the efficiency and cost of boiler systems when you compare the two! Solar panels in particular can be harmful on the environment when they needs to be disposed of – Solar Panels Are Starting to Die, Leaving Behind Toxic Trash. Alternate Heating Solutions has been helping families and businesses find alternatives to fossil fuels and save a LOT of money over the years with more savings making it back to families every day. It can feel good to do something for the environment and it feels great to save while doing it.

Becoming Fuel Independent Alternatives to Fossil Fuels

Where We Fit In

Our team is equipped with the knowledge to lead you to a new heating solution that will put money back in your pocket. Connect with our experts to explore boiler systems like:

  • Indoor Coal BoilersThis type of system is a simple to use, smoke free boiler perfect for almost any residential home. Minimal maintenance and a high fuel efficiency make this boiler a favorite for our customers that want to do something for the environment while also putting more into their bottom dollar or budget.
  • Commercial Wood Boilers These boilers are geared toward a business setting but put the environment first by burning up to 66% more combustible material. These models can heat up to 3,000 square feet, without putting out harmful pollutants. Streamline heating costs into a predictable line item that won’t break the bank.
  • Waste Oil BoilersThese boilers do a LOT for planet Earth and your wallet. Systems in this product line offer businesses a chance to turn their waste oil, with hefty disposal fees, back into fuel for heat. Turn hefty fees into ‘feel good’ moments for the environment and your savings account.

Alternate Heating Solutions has so much more to offer. Contact us today.

Is Fuel Independence Important?

We love this question. In fact, we think you’d be surprised how many homeowners do not know about the freedom they can experience by taking control of their heating solutions. Bills are not fun—especially when they are unpredictable! Fuel independence means that you are the master of your own system. From the fuel you use, to the way it is run, it is all in your hands when you become fuel independent. You get the added benefit of picking a machine that matches your budget expectations, for predictable heating costs. So yes, we would say fuel independence is extremely important.

Don’t Forget the Perks of Alternatives to Fossil Fuels

Oh yeah, when you upgrade into fuel independence and reduce your carbon footprint, keep in mind that when you partner with Alternate Heating Systems you get a partner for life, just in case you have any questions or need additional support. Our boilers are so reliable that most of our maintenance support can be completed over the phone—but our technicians are always available to you for any required in-person fixes. Sounds good, right? Jump in and warm up with us; explore our full product line today and learn about new ways to save time & money while doing more for the environment.