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We’ve chosen the best wood for burning and provided advice on how to stack your log pile and construct the ideal fire to help you prepare for the upcoming winter months. Hence, the article outlines the 6 best wood for boilers.


Even when they are still green, ash tree wood burns nicely and creates a consistent flame with good heat. Ash contains a high amount of BTUs/pound. It doesn’t need to be burned in a mix of different species because it can burn successfully on its own. Perfect wood for a wood boiler or stove as well. It is no wonder it has a reputation for being the most outstanding wood to burn.


Oak ages the slowest, at a rate of around 2.5 centimeters per year, and should preferably be seasoned for at least two years. Due to its density, it burns slowly as firewood and is best utilized in a mixture with logs that burn more quickly. Oak contains a high amount of BTUs/pound. If necessary, this wood can assist in keeping the fire going through the night.


Beech is an excellent burning wood, but its high-water content must be dried well before use. Ideally, it should be seasoned for three years. It can be used in any wood-burning device in addition to not needing to be burned in a mixture. Beech also contains a high amount of BTUs/pound.


Birch is excellent fuel for wood boilers, stoves, or open fireplaces. It is preferable to use this wood in a fire with slower-burning woods like elm or oak since, while burning relatively quickly, it produces a lot of heat quickly. Birch contains a medium amount of BTUs/pound. Even without seasoning, birch will burn; however, in non-gasifying units, the sap may cause build up in the chimney. The bark may be peeled off and used as a natural fire starter.


Cherry wood smells wonderful while burning slowly and efficiently in a fire or wood heater. Although strips of the bark may also be used as natural firelighters, the logs must be well-seasoned. Cherry contains a medium amount of BTUs/pound.


In a fire, seasoned maple burns efficiently with heat output similar to oak. One of the most common woods for burning. Sugar maple can be challenging to split. Maple contains a medium to a high amount of BTUs/pound.

How To Stack Firewood

Try to keep your logs and wood as dry as you can. The key is to take all reasonable precautions to prevent them from becoming damp or wet. Logs that are wet or damp may either not burn at all or emit too much smoke, which will line and choke your chimney or, worse still, escape into your home.

If you stack your wood and cover it, water wont soak it from the top and air will move freely through the stack. Your wood will dry faster and keep longer by stacking and covering it. A good tip is to use old wooden pallets, a base. They have lots of spaces to keep the air circulating which is perfect. Having your base layer directly on the ground is never a good idea.