S130 Coal Boiler

The S130 coal stoker is perfect for most residential homes. It comes standard with a direct-drive (vs. belt-drive) fan. Auto-feed options are available.

The S130 can burn Pea or Buckwheat-sized Anthracite coal. This Coal Stoker ensures minimal labor, nominal expense, maximum fuel efficiency, and marathon burn time.

Coal Gun users can save up to 70% off their heating costs with conventional oil, gas, or electric systems. Check out our fuel cost comparison to see how much you can save. See if there is an anthracite coal dealer near you! Blaschak AnthraciteLehigh Anthracite.

The Coal Gun coal stoker is primarily used with hydronic boiler systems. However, you can adapt it to work with forced hot air systems or steam heating applications.

Our talented team makes our boilers so that they are the last boiler you’ll ever buy. Our coal stokers only require minimal seasonal maintenance. Built for lifetime durability, many of our units are in their fourth decade of operation.

Our heavy steel vessel has a 20-year warranty. The burn grate in every S130 Coal Gun is covered by an additional lifetime warranty.

Standard equipment includes an insulated boiler jacket, totally enclosed motor and drive systems, primary and backup aquastat thermostats, thermo ash-monitoring control, pressure relief valve, ash pan, and square hopper with lid.

  • Coal Stoker
  • Simple to Use
  • Smoke Free
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Cost Effective
  • Fuel Efficient
  • Versatile Applications
  • Lifetime Durability
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Assembled Specifications



Typical Heating Capacity (sqft)


Weight (lbs)


Flue Size (in)


Fuel Type

Pea, Buckwheat Anthracite

Optional Backup Fuel

Fuel Oil

Hopper Capacity (lbs)


Approximate Water Capacity (gal)


Width (in)


Height (top of hopper) (in)


Length (in)


Return Tapping (NPT) (in)

(2) 1 1/2

Supply Tapping (NPT) (in)

1 1/2

Electric Requirements

110V, 60Hz, 15Amp

Alternate Heating

Belt Drive Option for Induction Fan

A belt driven induction fan is included as standard on all Coal Gun boilers, except for the S130. The S130 comes standard with a direct-drive induction fan, where the fan motor is mounted directly to the fan cover plate. You can see this on the left-hand side of the image above. The motor shaft extends through this plate, the heat shield and abrasion shield, and the fan is mounted directly to the shaft.

For S130 Coal Guns operating in high demand, the belt drive option serves to isolate the fan motor from the boiler heat.

Alternate Heating

Oil Back-up

The S130 is capable of being fitted with an oil burner. The burner is designed to fire into the Coal Gun’s efficient heat exchanger. This eliminates the need of a second appliance and all the plumbing that comes with it. The Oil Back-up for the S130 comes standard as a manual switch-over. With this option if you ever run out of coal or plan an extended vacation you will be ready!

Alternate Heating

Domestic Coil

This Domestic Coil features a 100° F rise at 5 gallons per minute, 50° water inlet temperature and 65 PSI water pressure. It is threaded into a 4 IN NPT threaded fitting provided on the boiler for this purpose

Alternate Heating

Extended Base

The Extended Base upgrade for the S130 gives it an extra-large ash pan that is 3x bigger than the standard ash pan, which greatly extends the time period between emptying. It also makes the ash pan accessible to front-end loaders making dumping the ash hands-free.

Alternate Heating

Warnock Hersey Certification

WH certification is available on all Coal Gun boilers for an additional charge. This certification assures that the boiler complies to UL 2523 Standards. Some insurance companies may require this certification and it is the responsibility of the homeowner to determine the need for a WH certification on any boiler purchased.

Auger Loading

The Coal Gun can be enhanced with an auger add-on that eliminates the need to manually fill the hopper. Auger add-ons have both automatic and manual settings for maintaining coal reserves.

4″ or 6″ Diameter

Your choice of diameter will depend on load size and cleanliness of coal. If your coal typically has debris, like wood chunks, a 6″ auger would be recommended. Auger length can be customized per requirements.

Auger Inlet Guard

An auger inlet guard provides added safety. The guard’s sturdy mesh screen prevents unwanted objects from contacting the auger screw.

ASME Certification

The ASME Certification guarantees the steel grade and weld quality of the boiler water jacket. Each ASME Certified water jacket has been pressure tested to 60 PSI, and includes a 30 PSI release valve.

Low Water Cutoff

A Low Water Cutoff senses the water level in the boiler’s vessel and will shut the unit down if the water level drops to an unsafe level. Available with automatic reset or manual reset.