AHS500 Waste Oil Boiler

Ten Year Warranty

The AHS500 waste oil furnace offers a good balance between quality and cost. It provides state-of-the-art technology without a hefty price tag. This waste oil boiler puts out 400,000 BTU per hour, so it’s the largest of the AHS-Series.

FEATURES OF THE AHS500 Waste Oil Furnace

  • Heavy duty construction
  • ASME-certified pressure vessel
  • Easiest to clean Waste Oil Boiler on the market
  • Ceramic lining and a Target Plate offer protection and combustion at very high temperatures, keeping the chamber clean from unburned fuel.
  • Access ports for flame viewing
  • Large access doors provide easy access to all parts of the boiler for maintenance and cleaning.

Standard Equipment:

  • Pre-wired
  • Relief Valve
  • Pressure Temperature Gauge
  • 4” Coil Fitting
  • 5’ Long Ceramic Lined Firing Chamber
  • Movable Firing Target
  • Removable Baffle
  • Engineered for incredible efficiency, our Waste Oil Boilers are the most state-of-the-art design on the market, excelling over competing brands for over 25 years.

*Burner is sold separately.

For larger applications, see our B1000 waste oil boiler.

  • Double Savings
  • Efficient
  • Maintenance Friendly
  • Built & Designed for Longevity
  • Standard ASME Certification
  • Made in the USA
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Assembled Specifications



Typical Heating Capacity (sqft)


Weight (lbs)


Flue Size (in)


Fuel Type

Variety of Waste Oil Fuels, Fuel Oil, Propane, NG

Heating Surface (square ft)


Nominal Waste Oil GPH


Nominal Water Volume (gal)


Minimum Compressed Air Required

10 CFM @ 30 PSI

Electric Requirements

110V, 60Hz, 20A

Width (in)


Height (in)


Length (in)


Alternate Heating

Domestic Coil

This Domestic Coil features a 100° F rise at 5 gallons per minute, 50° water inlet temperature and 65 PSI water pressure. It is threaded into a 4 IN NPT threaded fitting provided on the boiler for this purpose.

Low Water Cutoff

A Low Water Cutoff senses the water level in the boiler’s vessel and will shut the unit down if the water level drops to an unsafe level. Available with automatic reset or manual reset.