B Series Waste Oil Boiler

B Series B1000 Waste Oil Boiler

The B Series waste oil heater/boiler design is tried and true. The design has been in operation for over 25 years with a record of unexcelled performance. Even today, our B Series design is still the most state-of-the-art waste oil heater/boiler design on the market.

B Series Special Features

  • An Airflow-inducing Fan causes the ash to be pulled through the boiler at high speeds keeping it from depositing on the burner wall. It also allows adjustment of the airflow according to the desired BTU.
  • The Swirl Chamber is a high pressure area in the burner that allows hot exhaust to reside for a long period of time. Coupled with a swirling motion, which gives the burner the ability to drop the temperature of the exhaust from 1,800 degrees to as low as 350 degrees (see below) before it is allowed to exit the burner, THE SWIRL CHAMBER IS OUR KEY TO HIGH EFFICIENCY COMBUSTION OF WASTE OIL
  • The Cyclone Ash Collection System provides most of the self-cleaning action of our waste oil burner - the rapidly moving ash acts to scour the walls of the inside of the burner preventing buildup and providing a self-cleaning action. The cyclone funnels the ash into a pail for easy disposal.
  • A Secondary Air Inlet allows oxygen to enter the burn target for secondary combustion - any un-combusted waste oil remaining in the flue gases is provided another opportunity to be completely combusted.

Stack Temperature

The stack temperature is an indicator of how completely heat is being extracted from the exhaust. The Alternate Heating Systems Inc. B Series operates with one of the coolest stack temperatures of any waste oil heater/boiler on the market (we believe that it is actually the coolest). Because of the nature of the fuel, the stack temperature will vary. The low stack temperatures of our boilers are almost unheard of on the market.

Using Fly Ash to Self-Clean the Swirl Chamber

The combustion of the fuel is so thorough that little fly ash is produced. But the fly ash that is produced is put to good use - the system is designed so that the fly ash scours the inside of the swirl chamber, preventing buildup that can dramatically lower combustion efficiency. After scouring the swirl chamber, the fly ash that remains from the combustion process is deposited in an ash pan that can be easily removed.

B Series Waste Oil Heater/Boiler Specifications

Model: B300 B500 B500M B1000
Net BTU 300,000 500,000 705,000 990,000
Gross BTU 345,000 575,000 850,000 990,000
Heating Surface, ft2 61 102 102 220
Furnace Volume, ft3 7 13 13 26
Minimum Relief Valve Capacity 854,000 1,428,000 1,428,000 3,080,000
Nominal Firing Rate, gal/hr 2.5 4.0 6.0 8.0
Water Volume, gal 185 245 245 340
Minimum Compressed Air Required 10 cfm @ 30 psi for all models
ID Fan Motor HP 3/4 1 1 1/2 2
Standard Electrical Rating, V 110/60 Hz 220/60 Hz 220/60 Hz 220/60 Hz
Standard Electrical Rating, A 20 15 20 25
Flue Diameter, inches 6 8 8 8
Length, inches 60 72 72 96
Width, inches 32 34 34 42
Height, inches 46 54 54 71
Dry Weight, lbs 1,700 2,600 2,700 5,000
Supply Tapping (NPT) (1) 1 1/2" (1) 1 1/2" (2) 2" (2) 2 1/2"
*Specifications subject to change without notice
Test Standards: Etlm83-1; UL 296 & UL 726
Approved Fuels: #2 fuel oil, used crankcase oil up to SAE 50W, used automatic transmission fluid

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