July 22, 2022 Coal Gun, Multi-Fuel

Those living and working in the northeastern parts country have probably seen or at least heard of coal stoves. Have you stopped to wonder why this “old-fashioned” heat source is still being used? Have you taken the time to calculate how much money could be saved by switching to coal yourself? Compared to other types of solid fuel stoves, coal stoves are much more energy-efficient and are more affordable in cost.

Additionally, hard coal is more accessible, particularly in the Northeast areas of the US, and can burn and produce more heat per pound. Today, stoker coal stoves are more popular as they automatically control the size of the fire, which allows you to control the temperature very quickly and doesn’t require as much supervision as a traditional coal stove.

Easy and Efficient Storage

For many businesses, coal is the cheapest fuel, accessible, and, most importantly, easy to store. Compared to wood and pellets, which require an ample space or warehouse to keep out moisture and insects, coal is naturally waterproof and does not present as a habitat to insects.

Longer Burning Time

In addition to producing more heat, they take much longer to burn than wood, meaning that you will refuel the stove less often and will not have to buy as much fuel. A pound of hard coal contains 13,000 BTU, and a pound of wood has 7,000-8,600 BTU.

Abundant Availability

The reserves of Hard Coal, which are easily accessible in the northeastern USA fuel types, still contain 4 to 6 billion tons ready to be used. Therefore, many businesses are switching to hard coal stoves is a more financially sensible decision as compared to using a fuel type that is much more expensive and imported from a foreign nation.

No Preparation Needed

Before burning wood, the wood must be seasoned and processed to reach a suitable moisture level. However, this is time-consuming as it can take more than half a year to dry out. On the other hand, hard coal does not need a seasoning period to dry and is ready to be burned the moment it has been reclaimed from the ground. Coal makes the most sense as a fuel source in a commercial context where efficiency is key to profitability.

Coal Burns Cleaner

Thanks to a cleaner form of coal called anthracite, which has a higher energy density and lower volatile matter content. It will burn much cleaner as it produces lower amounts of carbon dioxide and smoke than even the most advanced wood and pellet stove. Compared to its coal counterpart – bituminous, anthracite has a chemical composition that supports a higher energy density and will emit more BTU. When accompanied by a well-designed stove, this will maximize its energy efficiency significantly.

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