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Have you given any attention to the cost of maintaining a warm home? The price is also influenced by how big your house is. If your house is large, be prepared to spend a lot of money heating it during the chilly winter months.

Furthermore, the price of heating won’t be going down any time soon. It only gets worse. And the rise is pushing many people to look for other options.

The coal boiler is a cost-effective way to reduce heating expenses. However, procuring wood for the stove in most regions is much less expensive than purchasing coal.

Therefore, even though most coal stoves don’t say that wood may be used, most people wonder, “Can you burn wood on a coal stove?”

Well, the answer is yes. Let’s now explore some other pertinent queries regarding what happens if you burn wood in a coal boiler.

Is it Safe to Burn Wood in Coal Boiler?

The answer is yes if you’re wondering if it’s feasible to burn wood in a coal boiler or stove. In addition, coals burn at temperatures that are 100 degrees higher than those of wood. So, absolutely, the heat produced by burning wood will not damage your coal stove.

Remember that low wood fires will result in significant creosote emissions. If the flues are not cleaned, creosote buildup might result in a chimney fire. This is not an issue with burning anthracite coal.

Cleaning your stove and chimney is essential, but remember that the process might raise the overall cost of heating your house with wood. The safety of burning wood in a wood boiler or coal boiler depends on several other considerations.

Burning Treated Wood

Everyone in your home may become in danger if improper wood is burned in your fireplace. It’s preferable to avoid lighting the fireplace altogether than to do it with the wrong kind of wood. By burning treated wood in your fireplace, you risk endangering your family member’s general health and respiratory systems.

Always thoroughly inspect your wood before burning it. Remember that ancient wood sometimes has mold or has already begun to deteriorate. Additionally, burning such woodlands might be pretty risky. Additionally, refrain from using pressure-treated, painted, or dyed wood in your fireplace.

Emission Regulations

While coal boilers are more than capable of burning wood, as of 2015, it is illegal to do so. The EPA passed laws that forces all units sold after 2015 as coal and wood burners to burn very clean. According to the new emission laws, boilers sold as able to burn wood must produce no smoke. To meet regulations, wood-burning boilers now reburn the smoke. Reburning the smoke dramatically increases the efficiency because smoke is actually unburned fuel going up the chimney. You can still purchase the wood and coal boilers today, but they will be sold as Coal Boilers. They will also come with a warning to “not burn wood” to satisfy the regulations