March 20, 2022 Wood Gun

Indoor wood boilers have been used for many past centuries to heat homes. In the modern society, they are still an excellent heating solution for multiple reasons. With the fluctuating fossil fuel costs, the popularity of wood boilers has not decreased since. With advancing technology, wood furnaces are continuously changing and adapting to the needs and lifestyles of customers. If you ever considered investing in an indoor wood boiler, read on to learn more about the top advantages of using an indoor wood boiler!

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Who Can Benefit?

Businesses or homes that are found in rural settings with access to wood will benefit from the indoor wood boiler. Firewood, wood chips, coal, or corn are some examples of fuel that anybody has access to for little or no cost at all.

Long Term Investment

By picking the right heater, you can receive a return on your investment within a few heating seasons. A high-quality wood boiler can last from 25 to 30 years, providing you with affordable heating for many years to come.

Heat Multiple Buildings

The same unit that heats your home can be used to heat your workshop, garage, barn, or other buildings as well.

Keep Your Current Heating System

Indoor wood furnaces can be used together with any type of heating system, such as forced air heat. By using a unit heater, hot water from the furnace can be converted to hot air for your home.

Dual Purpose

When you add the brazed plate heat exchanger, the wood furnaces can be used to heat drinking water and pools for extra savings to your utility bill. They can be used for snowmelt applications as well.

Safety And Convenience

An inside wood boiler is located outside the home, so no more running outside in the middle of winter to reload the firebox. Enjoy increased efficiency because you do not have lines running underground and the heat loss from the unit itself is emitted directly into your home. Gasification boilers do not smoke or produce creosote so, they are very safe.

Use Renewable Resources

Unlike fossil fuels, wood is a renewable resource so it is good for the environment. Wood is also carbon neutral and reduces your carbon footprint when it is used as fuel for heating.

A Large Firebox

With our wood furnaces, you only need to load two or three times each day.

Control Your Heating Costs

By using an indoor wood furnace, you are in control of your heating costs. You also have the option to shop around for wood to heat your home.

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