March 6, 2023 Multi-Fuel

Multi-Fuel boilers are a practical, inexpensive, and flexible heating option for many households. They can be used for various different needs, from firing a whole central heating system to simply supplying domestic hot water. A multi-fuel boiler can be used to lower your fuel dependency and save money on your heating and hot water costs. Installation of a boiler stove reduces the gas and electricity you consume and can even help you become fuel independent.

Various Ways to Generate Heat

The multi-fuel boiler is purposefully constructed to burn a variety of materials. They are simple and low in maintenance. These boilers need refilled every 10-14hrs, while emptying of ashes just takes around 5 minutes. Here are the various advantages of buying a multi-fuel boiler.

Simple and Robust

These stoves are constructed and designed to allow various fuel types to burn efficiently and effectively. Multi-fuel boilers have a simple and robust design. Our units sit on a base that holds the large ashpan. Cast iron grates are directly above the ash pan and make up the entire bottom of the firebox; this allows the fire to receive more combustion air for a more complete and efficient burn. A water-cooled baffle dramatically increases the surface area of heat exchange, which means high efficiency! Our boiler is made of 1/4 inch steel. Our multi-fuel boilers last 20-plus years!

Not Reliant on External Power

Our Multi-fuel boilers can be configured to not rely on any electrical power. So if you find yourself amidst a power cut in the winter, you can still keep warm and cozy.

Reduction of Energy Costs

A multi-fuel stove uses a variety of solid fuels, including anthracite coal, the cheapest fuel, and you can store large quantities of it for a long time. Solid fuels eliminate the need for electric heat, fuel oil, or other traditional fuel. Save up to 85% on your heating bill. Furthermore, a multi-fuel has a meager cost of ownership, $30 per year on average!

Turn to Alternate Heating Systems For Boilers and More

At Alternate Heating Systems, we carry multiple sizes of multi-fuel boilers that will suit any size of home. We leverage on our quality, expertise, and experience to give you the best heating solution. Contact us today to find out more!