March 11, 2023 Multi-Fuel

Wood boilers are a popular flexible option and will work with any heating system. While it is a popular way to keep your house warm, many people hold misconceptions about wood boilers. This article clears up these misconceptions.

Wood Boilers do not Need to be Cleaned Frequently

Wood is about 6% – 8% ash which is the least amount compared to other solid fuels. However, the ash will have to be cleaned periodically. Removing the ash takes 5 to 10 minutes per week. Remove ash into a covered, non-combustible container. As with all boilers, the heat exchanger and flue will need checking annually.

The Mess

An indoor wood boiler has many advantages over an outdoor wood boiler. The two significant advantages are the increased efficiency from it being in the building you want to heat. The second being you do not have to walk out in the frigid cold to load it. However, wood bark and dirt can cause a mess when carried to your indoor wood boiler. The best way to avoid the mess spreading is to keep a push broom handy. It only takes a second to sweep up after you fill the wood bin.

Removing the ashes does not have to create dust. You simply need to dump the ashes slowly and cover the ash container as soon as you finish.

Storage is not Complicated

Once firewood is cut and split, you should stack and cover it. Wood can be stored this way for long a long time. Wood is sensitive to temperature changes and can absorb moisture like a sponge. Inappropriate storing of logs will considerably decrease its BTU value. Thus, it is crucial to ensure the wood is kept in a dry place; if stored outside, it should be covered.

Savings are Worth it

Wood boilers can be the cheapest way to heat any space! You could save up to 85% on your heating costs. The decision is yours; switching from a traditional heating system to a wood boiler will require more of your time, but the money saved is huge.

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