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Are you searching for an alternate heating source for your home, business, garage, work shed, etc.? Have you considered coal, wood, or waste oil? If so, you likely have numerous questions. One could be, “Is waste oil heating a viable fuel source?”

Why do people make the move to waste oil heating? There are two significant advantages to making the switch:

  • Produce environmentally friendly energy
  • The cost savings are undeniable

Waste oil heating does present certain advantages over other options. Here, we’ll look at waste oil, some heating option comparisons, and the eco-friendliness and cost-effectiveness of this product.

Eco-Friendly Waste Oil Heating

One quart of oil can contaminate 250,000 gallons of water. If you deal with waste oil, you do not want to risk spilling even a little, resulting in expensive clean-up bills. A waste oil boiler can handle your excess used oil problem! 

Waste Oil Burning

Compared to coal and fuel oil, waste oil has at least a couple of advantages:

  • Generates more energy (compared to fuel oil)
  • Very inexpensive or even free

Used oil contains many suspended solids, which can cake the sides of a boiler if not designed for used oil. Thankfully our units are designed to burn the oil at the proper temperatures and have ways to accommodate the soot and ash created by the burning used oil. 

A waste oil boiler is similar to a traditional fuel oil boiler except in two areas. First, we already mentioned that the design must handle waste oil’s ash. The second difference is the burner. Waste oil is typically thicker, so to thin it, a waste oil burner has pre-heaters that heat the waste oil, thus thinning it. Used oil burners also need compressed air. The burners use compressed air to atomize the oil further while helping to pull the oil through the nozzle. 

Onsite recycling of used oil by burning it for heat will earn double the savings. You will save disposal costs, and you will have free heat!

Using waste oil reduces the demand for fuel oil and natural gas. You save a gallon of gasoline or oil from entering the distribution chain for every gallon of waste oil you burn.

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