August 23, 2021 Wood Gun


Making A Change

Not everyone has an efficient heating system. We’ve seen it all. Central heating systems break down, become obsolete, or reach their breaking point which means a costly repair bill is around the corner. Heating bills with unbelievable numbers on them; no matter your reason for landing here, Alternate Heating Systems has you covered with expert tips and suggestions on how to make the most out of your efficient heating system upgrade. Oh, and if you keep reading you might just save a little money.


Our Efficient Heating System

So, before we jump into saving you money on your heating—let’s go over the types of Hydronic Systems you can find at Alternate Heating Systems. First things first, when you choose us, you are choosing a closed loop system, not open or atmospheric. Our boilers use economical fuel sources, so you are not hesitant to turn up the thermostat to get that cozy warm home we all love. You can even skip out on the water testing as our machines need no additives or constant water level maintenance. Our efficient heating system choices fall into three different categories:



Choosing Your Fuel, An Environmental Nudge

You can read for hours about how solar is the greenest energy, but there are many hidden pitfalls. You can learn more about the difference between solar and fuel heating here. So when you choose a boiler system, or efficient heating system, you need to decide what kind of fuel best suits your needs. You can explore wood burning systems that provide long burning, minimal maintenance heat, or even highly efficient anthracite coal burners that feed themselves. Our team is ready to help discuss the different options so that you can get started integrating your new efficient heating system.


Feel The Heat—In A Good Way

You might look at that list above and think to yourself, I still do not know what will work for me. That’s okay and that’s why we are here. When you connect with Alternate Heating Systems, our expert team will talk with you to unravel your goals with your system, budget, and anything else you’d like to explore. So, you don’t have to be an expert on the systems, you just have to give us a call.



Business OR Residential

One of the other big areas that you will need to identify either is if you are trying to integrate a new efficient heating system into a business location or your residential home. At Alternate Heating Systems, we partner with many different businesses and homeowners to design custom heating solutions—for both business and residential. We offer boilers capable of putting out over 990,000 BTU/hr!


Check Your Surroundings

If you are a planner, you are going to love this. Feel free to gather some information about your needs to come prepared when you choose to connect. Prepare items such as:


  • Square footage of the area to heat
  • How many rooms/bedrooms
  • How well insulated is your home
  • How many people occupy the space
  • Identify storage space for fuels
  • How much time do you have available


These easy points can help you get into upgrading your heating system—way faster!


Bonus Perk

We all love perks, especially BONUS perks! When you connect with Alternate Heating Systems, you can expect to get free time, family time, and money all back where it belongs, with you. Our boilers, and other efficient heating system require minimal maintenance, sparse fuel fill ups, and the support of our expert team. You can be efficient, with your time, finances, and heat—all in one place.


Universal Compatibility

Our range of products allows us to fit and mold to just about any situation or customer request. Our reliable boilers are the best path to take when you want to put more money back in your pocket and keep you and your family nice and cozy during the colder months.