Coal Stoker Boiler Vs. Traditional Coal Boiler

February 10, 2022 Coal Gun

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Do you know about the types of coal boilers that are available? There are two types of coal boilers, the coal stoker boiler and the traditional coal boiler. If you are thinking of getting a coal boiler, it is good to become familiar with both. Read on to learn more about coal stoker boilers vs traditional coal boilers!

What Is The Difference?

Coal stoker boilers burn at a more even rate as compared to traditional, because they are fed almost continuously. A good stoker will require little to no attention except when loading the coal and emptying the ashes. On the other hand, a traditional hand-fired boiler will be more work as you will be feeding the fire fresh coal roughly twice every day. You won’t have to do that with a coal stoker.

Benefits of the Coal Stoker Boiler

People choose the coal stoker boiler for several reasons. For one they have large hoppers that hold days or weeks worth of coal. You do not have to worry if it is time to shake the ash, a stoker automatically removes the ash from the fire. Most use less coal and it is easier to regulate and maintain. It is easier to start if it goes out, compared to a traditional one. The drawback of having a coal stoker boiler is, if the area you live in is prone to power outages. However, you can always get a battery backup if you are concerned about power outages. If you are looking for an easy way to save money and time by burning coal a stoker is a must.

Benefits of the Traditional Coal Boiler

Others may like the idea of creating and maintaining the fire, and being able to burn different types of fuel (bituminous or anthracite). Traditional coal boilers are generally less expensive than coal stokers. The traditional coal boiler does not require a forced draft blower to create a good fire, it only needs the draft of a good chimney. If set up with the right controls you could run them without any electricity. There are fewer replacement parts on a traditional coal boiler which over time can add up to big savings. Traditional coal boilers are the old-school dependable choice!

Should You Get the Coal Stoker Boiler or the Traditional Coal Boiler?

Some people like the process and experience of using a traditional boiler. If you enjoy tending to the fire, shoveling, and shaking the grates, then choose the traditional coal boiler. Others want the ease of using conventional fuels (oil/electric/etc) but do not want to pay their high costs, the coal stoker gives you the freedom of conventional fuels but 50%-75% of their cost. If you want ease of use and efficiency, then the stoker is the choice for you.

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