November 15, 2022 Coal Gun, Multi-Fuel

The high expense of energy bills frequently goes hand in hand with keeping your family cozy and warm. Coal has a long history of enabling human ingenuity, from steam engines to ancient Chinese copper smelters. Today, homes, businesses, barns, hot tubs, swimming pools, and greenhouses may all be heated with coal using coal-fired boilers. In this article, we will go through the key advantages and disadvantages of using a coal-burning furnace so you can determine if it is the best option.

Coal-Burning Furnace Benefits

A coal-burning furnace may heat your home effectively, safely, and cost-effectively. Heating with anthracite coal can save up to 70% on your heating bill. It is the cheapest fuel per BTU you can buy! Additionally, utilizing coal as a fuel has other positive side effects.

Reduces Work and Easy to Load

Simply add coal to the hopper of your coal stoker and let it burn. Obtaining reliable heat requires little effort. Wood needs much more time, effort, and labor than coal. Wood needs cutting, stacking, and seasoning.

Can Be Easily Stored

Coal is more compact; you can store more energy in a small space. It is resistant to rotting and insects, unlike wood, which takes a tremendous amount of space to keep and can contain bugs or decay. Time is saved, and maintenance is kept to a minimum using automated augers.

Affordable Bulk Purchases

There are many coal dealers who offer anthracite coal in 40lbs bags, truckloads, or as straightforward dump-and-go delivery for convenient bulk purchases. Your coal may be augured into a gravity shed by some businesses. Coal has a volume of around 40 cubic feet per ton.

Releases A Lot of Heat

Coal has nearly two times the amount of BTUs in one pound compared to wood. Plus, an efficient coal stoker can be 83% efficient. One ton of high-quality anthracite coal can provide around 8,200-kilowatt hours of electricity, indicating how much energy it can generate.

Coal-Burning Furnace Drawbacks

A coal-burning furnace isn’t ideal for everyone, just like everything else. A coal-burning furnace has a few things that need to be considered before making a decision.

Not Easily Available

Although coal is a cost-effective and efficient energy source, it isn’t always readily available, especially if you’re seeking anthracite. The Eastern United States has the largest concentration of coal, which necessitates higher transportation expenses for other regions.

Ash Requires Regular Removal

There are always going to be ashes produced while burning solid fuel. Your coal-burning furnace will operate optimally and retain its durability for years if you keep up with the ash removal and yearly maintenance.