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Keeping your heating bill under control during winter is crucial. As such, people constantly search for new and innovative ways to keep the house warm and cozy without spending a great deal of money. Below are some tips for doing it.

Consider Installing a Hot Air Furnace

Hot air furnaces are highly efficient since they come with a spiral-flame heat exchanger in their combustion chamber. A spiral-flame heat exchanger allows it to extract the most heat from the fuel, anthracite coal. An efficient heat exchanger means you will have very low flue temperatures. Additionally, these furnaces come with automatic draft dampers controlled with a thermostat; this gives you a tightly controlled fire and heat level generated from the anthracite as it burns.

The controlled, even output will keep your home at a consistent temperature. You will also need a return air inlet; ours comes with a slide-in-style air filter to keep your inside air clean.

Switch to a Stove Which Outputs Higher Efficiency Heat

If you install the right room-heater-style coal stove, it can double as a cooker and residential heating unit. The best models are anthracite coal stoves due to their high efficiency and the low cost of anthracite. These coal stoves are superior to wood-burning stoves because they can burn hard coal with their grates, allowing you to quickly shake the ash out of the fire into a convenient ash pan. Anthracite coal stoves are heavier duty than wood stoves, as well.

Anthracite can generate twice the amount of BTUs per pound compared to standard wooden pellet stoves or log fires. Another benefit is that you won’t have to worry about constantly needing to tend to them throughout the day, which means that you can focus on other things. Coal heating has been around for centuries. Advancements in technology now allow these stoves to automatically feed the coal and adjust combustion to align with the amount of coal needed to keep your house at the set temperature. While burning anthracite, you will never have to worry about creosote and all the issues and hazards of burning wood.

Install a Coal Stoker Boiler

You can install a coal stoker in your basement, insulated shed, or garage. Installing an anthracite-based stoker is an excellent investment. If the basement is non-insulated, you’ll have to use some extra coal, but you’ll have the advantage of keeping the floors above warm. Integrating a coal stoker into an existing system is commonly done. Another benefit of heating from the basement is that coal can be stored nearby.

Those who intend to heat their home or commercial space will find that these coal boilers provide maximum heat and are also simple to install and operate.

Install a Wood Gasification Boiler

There is a new generation of wood-burning boilers called wood gasification boilers. When trying to heat the same space, these boilers will burn 50% less wood than you would in a traditional wood boiler. Burning less wood means less cutting, less stacking, and less wood needed to buy, which equals more time for you, and more cash stays in your wallet! Like coal-burning units, you can install these units in conjunction with current systems. What if the unit paid for itself in 2 or 3 years?