The Environmental Impact of Burning Wood or Coal

January 19, 2021 Coal Gun, Wood Gun

With each generation grows an overwhelming passion for being environmentally conscious. Our actions, what we consume, and even what we wear are heavily dependent on our desire to remain environmentally...

The Benefits of Coal and Wood Stoves

November 17, 2020 Coal Gun, Wood Gun

The leaves are changing colors, temps are dropping, and frost covers the ground most mornings leaving some of us longing for warmer weather, and some of us excited for the...

Burning Coal for Residential Heating

October 10, 2019 Coal Gun

We continue to witness the rapid development of new, highly efficient heating sources, in response to a search for efficiency and environmental responsibility. Increasing attention is directed toward the carbon...

Choosing Your Fuel

August 11, 2019 Coal Gun, Multi-Fuel, Wood Gun

The fuel you choose will almost certainly be primarily dependent upon several interrelated factors – the availability of fuel in your area, the price of that fuel and convenience. Fuel...

Benefits of ASME Certification

July 15, 2017 Coal Gun, Uncategorized, Wood Gun

Overview of ASME Conformity Assessment and Certification

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