Before Coal Boilers: A Look At Past Home Heating Systems

March 8, 2022 Uncategorized

Throughout history, people have looked for ways to keep themselves safe from harsh weather elements such as the cold winter. After many years, new advances in technology have become available, so the task of heating the home is much safer and more convenient. Modern heating systems only need the flip of a switch and the setting of the thermostat. You can easily have access to a warm, well-insulated home. Read on to learn more about past home heating systems that come before coal boilers!

Before Coal Boilers: A Look At Past Home Heating Systems

The 17th Century

The fireplace was still the main source of heat in the home until the 17th century when the stove was invented. People adopted the stove because it was much safer. Other improvements include the base-burner stove and the airtight stove. During this time, the main source of fuel for stoves and fireplaces was wood. Coal only came into widespread use in 1885, where loads of it would be used for the next 50 years. While coal is still being mined now and is the cheapest fuel, it is often replaced by oil and natural gas.

The 19th Century

In the 19th century, the radiator and the electric heater were invented. The use of radiators, boilers, or steam to heat homes was more common after the Civil War. While commercial buildings used steam, homes used hot water radiators of lower pressure as they were safer. Then, the steel coal-fired furnace was invented to efficiently heat an entire home.

The 20th Century

The central heating system was invented by Alice Parker in 1919. Going without electricity meant that heat was moved by natural convection. If a family had electricity a coal furnace and an electric fan were linked to a network of ducts to provide warm “forced” air through a house. Another option that was born was hydronic systems that used water that was pumped throughout a home.

People had many options for heating their homes such as boilers and furnaces fuelled by oil, natural gas, electricity, and propane. Other heating systems included heat pumps. Today, even with all the technology, a coal boiler is still the cheapest way to heat a home, unless of course, you have wood in your backyard.

Keeping Warm Today

Modern coal boiler heating systems are now even more efficient, easier to use, and are even automatic. Combine this with the programmable thermostats and you will be able to adjust the heat in your home to optimize comfort while minimizing costs.

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