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If you are tired of the inefficiency and expenses of using electric heating for your shop, business, or garage, waste oil heating could be the better option for you. This makes sense especially if you generate waste oil in your business operations. Waste oil boiler is another alternative heating option that is both efficient and effective. If you ever wondered whether waste oil boilers are better, this is for you. Read on to learn more about whether waste oil boilers are better than electric heaters!

Are Waste Oil Boilers Better Than Electric Heaters?

Waste Oil Heating Can Save You Money

Waste oil heating can save you money. If you choose a waste oil heating system, you utilize the used petroleum products that you would otherwise have to dispose of and use them to provide heat for your facility and space. This is much better than having to pay for the high and also fluctuating cost of electric heat. According to estimated fuel costs in 2014, you could save about $4.82 in electric costs for every gallon of waste oil that is burned. So, you can see that waste oil heating is cost-efficient and save you money in the long term.

Waste Oil Heating Is Energy Efficient

Waste oil furnaces have an obvious cost-savings advantage over the traditional electric heating methods. When you use waste oil efficiently, there is no or little need to buy other types of fuel or use other ways of heating as a supplement. Meanwhile, the efficiency of the electric baseboard, heat pumped, and forced hot air systems are not as strong. Interestingly, one gallon of waste oil is comparable to 41.2 kWh of electricity, which will roughly translate to around 140,574 BTUs of heat. The savings you get by using waste oil heating instead of an electric heater will deliver a significant bonus for your business in financial terms. Buying a waste oil heater can also be very affordable so it is a great option for you.

Waste Oil Heating Is Eco-Friendly

One of the most important points is that waste oil heating is eco-friendly. It has a positive impact on our environment. Using waste oil to generate heat makes sure that the used petroleum products that are created by the company are disposed in a way that is environmentally friendly and also meets the government regulations. This way, you will get to enjoy peace of mind as well. Protect and save the environment by choosing to use waste oil boilers!

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