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When you use a fireplace or wood stove, you must continuously stoke the wood. A central boiler is your low-maintenance option if that sounds too much of a hassle. It is also great if you don’t have the time or energy to constantly watch over these heat sources. 

The time spent preparing the wood may be significantly decreased since a central boiler like our Wood Gun units. These can burn larger pieces of wood, requiring less splitting; they also do not need to be dried as much either. 

Read on as this article explores the various benefits of using a central boiler.


Wood is affordable, and often, it is free. Using wood to keep buildings warm can almost wholly remove your heating costs. In certain circumstances, a central boiler might pay for itself within the first two years of operation. A house or company may save $20,000 to $100,000 or more in heating bills over the course of ten years.

Safe Alternative

A central boiler minimizes the risks and clutter associated with conventional wood stoves by burning all the creosote and is smoke-free. Burning wood in a wood gasification boiler nearly eliminates the risk of destructive chimney fires. 


Our Wood Gun central boiler’s energy-efficient designs enhance combustion and heat transfer for better heat delivery. Put another way, they burn more thoroughly and effectively, transferring more of the heat produced to your house. 

Compared to conventional wood stoves, Wood Gun central boiler owners claim to use up to 25% to 70% less wood. Because our central boilers are indoors, the unit’s heat loss is kept in the house, which nets to a 0% loss. Indoor boilers do not have heat loss from underground piping, which can eat up to 25% of the heat produced from an outdoor boiler! Lastly, who wants to go outside in a winter storm to load their wood boiler?

Less Work

You can burn significantly larger chunks of wood using our central boilers. This is thanks to their larger fireboxes and large door openings. Since these furnaces are so efficient, you won’t need to wake up in the middle of the night to replenish the fire. 

Due to the enormous firebox and high stove efficiency, users of Wood Gun wood boilers often receive 10 – 12 hours of heat for each load. Furthermore, ash removal and cleaning every other week are simple, quick, and only take 10 minutes.

Good for the Environment

Wood is the best option for the growing number of individuals concerned about the environment because it is renewable, carbon neutral, and sustainable. Besides, the United States Forestry Service supports the use of wood as a fuel for heating. 

A typical home can operate a vehicle for an entire year on the non-renewable fossil fuel it saves by choosing wood.