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Are you tired of suffering the high cost of energy bills to keep your family warm and comfortable? Are you trying to keep a portion of your home warmer than others? Is it generally challenging to keep your home warm but not where to start? 

Here are some simple, cost-effective ways to heat a room or to cut down on heating bills. Let’s take a look at some of those here.

Shop for Cost Effective Heating Solutions at Alternate Heating Systems

Depending on your circumstances, you might be able to save up to 70% on your heating costs by using anthracite coal or wood! We’d love to help you explore that possibility. 

With over 35 years of HVAC industry experience, our family-operated and owned company creates custom heating and high-quality solutions. Across the United States and beyond, by providing efficient heating solutions, Alternate Heating Systems is paving the way in today’s heating industry. 

We carry wood boilers, coal boilers, hot air furnaces, waste oil burners, multi-fuel burners, outdoor coal boilers, and indoor wood boilers. Still, we also handle add-ons, individual parts, and more. Contact us today to find out more!

Attic Insulation

If you haven’t added insulation to your attic yet, it’s high time you do. Stop letting hundreds of dollars of heat escape through your roof. Insulate today!

Close the Door to Trap Heat in a Room

This is pretty self-explanatory. Close the door if you want to keep the heat in a room and not let it escape to other areas.

Block off Rooms that Don’t Need Heat

If a room doesn’t need heat, block off the heat vents. Most heat vents will simply shut off on the vent itself. Keep the room’s door closed so heat from other areas doesn’t seep in. You can also pin a heavy blanket over the door frame to add a layer of insulation.

Carpet the Floor

Hardwood or tile floors are colder on your feet than carpeted floors. The carpeting also adds a bit of insulation. It can be as simple as laying an area rug down.

Your Thermostat

Have you installed a smart thermostat? This energy-efficient thermostat can be programmed so that it doesn’t heat a room/area when heat isn’t needed. Additionally, you can check and operate the thermostat with an app from your phone.

Credit Card Cash Back

Suppose your credit card offers cash back for paying certain things – like fuel for your automobile, utility bills, eating out at restaurants, etc. Check into paying your utility bills with your credit card. Every little bit helps.

Space Heaters

Practicing caution with space heaters is very important; they can be a handy method of heating a room efficiently and less expensively. They are only cost-effective at heating small rooms and assuming you have an energy-efficient model. You may also look into alternate heat sources like coal stoves. They are aesthetically pleasing and functional. 

Keep Yourself Warm as an Alternative to Making a Room Warmer

You can keep your body warmer by dressing warm, using an electric blanket, adding slippers, a hat, and even thermal underclothes. Dressing warmer could help decrease the need to increase the heat in a room.