Many residential properties, especially older or larger ones, experience heating issues during winter. The rooms can become drafty, and keeping them warm can be costly, so experts recommend installing a suitable heating unit.


There are several common heating challenges that residential property owners face, which include:

  • Inadequate Insulation: Older properties tend to be full of crevices, holes, and gaps through which cold air can enter. While they aren’t readily visible to the naked eye, you will feel the effect during winter when the temperatures drop. Cold air will enter through the attic or windows. Combined with the fact that most older buildings have little or no insulation, they are challenging and costly to heat.
  • High energy costs: If you live in the Northeastern United States, such as New York, Maine, or Pennsylvania, the energy prices will often be higher than in other parts of the country. And when combined with a building that is not adequately insulated, your monthly energy bill could easily reach three digits or higher.
  • Aging Heating System: When was the last time you inspected your heating system? If you can not remember the last time. Then, in that case, your unit is probably running poorly, and you’re spending more money than necessary. With a modern system, you’d save money and warm your home more efficiently.

Understanding Residential

Residential places are areas where people live. This can be all types of housing from apartments to large estate. No matter if you live in a small or big place, you will need to care for family members and install the right heating systems to stay comfortable.

Residential areas need plenty of heating, especially during the cold season of winter. Staying in a home where it is always cold and uncomfortable is not conducive for work or play. Living in the cold can lead your fingers to be numb and cause your joints to ache more than they should. The general cold can cause you to shiver constantly and your body wastes unnecessary energy on creating more heat. A cold environment can make you move and work slower as well, leading to a drop in your productivity. It is recommended that you maintain a temperature between 66.2 and 71.6 degrees Fahrenheit for maximum comfort.

One Solution for Homes up to 4,000 Square Feet

Our Super E210 by Alternate Heating Solutions is a state-of-the-art heating system available in ¼” stainless or carbon steel. It can produce 170,000btu hourly while heating as much as four thousand square feet. Tests reveal that the Super E210 has efficiency as high as eighty-seven percent, and it comes with an outstanding warranty, the best in the industry

This heating unit consists of an indoor-based wood gasification boiler. It complies with every EPA emission mandate and has also been certified to the UL2523 indoor installation standard. It can operate with multiple heating applications, including forced air and water-based.

Other options include our very user-friendly coal stokers, the Coal Gun. These simply need the hopper filled, and ash pan dumped; these you only need to do every 7 to 30 days (depending on the model)

Why Should Residential Places Procure Their Heating Solutions from Alternate Heating Systems?

At Alternate Heating Systems, we work to produce heating systems that are cost-effective, sourced locally, durable, and environmentally friendly. No matter if your place of residence is big or small, we have what you need. Our heaters are a great value for your money as they are high-quality and affordable. They are designed to last you for a lifetime. We provide you with a wide range of options to choose from. You decide which fuel you want to use including coal, wood or waste oil. Select the one based on your personal needs and preferences.


People who have switched to a system from Alternate Heating are enjoying the benefits and will continue for many years. We use thick, high-quality materials and over-engineer our designs so that they last our customers a lifetime. Some customers have cut heating costs by 70%!

To learn more about our residential heating solutions, contact us today!