At Alternate Heating Systems, we spend immense effort and time fostering great relationships with our employees, customers, clients, and each other. We believe that the most mutually beneficial relationships are based on respect, integrity, and transparency. As a family-owned and Christian-owned company, we are committed to providing heating solutions that we stand behind and to provide help to our customers by answering any questions or concerns that come with installing a new wood or coal heating system.

Our Relationship with Each Other

As the founders of Alternate Heating Systems (Jeff and Phyllis), we believe in always putting our family first. This company was built on trust, values, and honesty through many difficult trials and decisions. We take pride in being Christians, and our beliefs of integrity and openness guide us in developing our business in an increasingly competitive and unreliable marketplace. We always try to practice kindness and grace in our interactions with our customers and aim to give back to the community whenever we can.

Our Relationship with Our Employees

Our employees are the foundation of the business we have today. With how Alternative Heating Systems is growing in the past few years, our company couldn’t be what it is today without the help of our committed employees, who are always dedicated to sharing with our customers their expertise, professionalism, and knowledge. We very much regard them as our family and are grateful every day for their commitment and time in an honest business that provides accessible and affordable heating solutions to our clients and customers. But, more importantly, like a big family, we are always looking to create a better future for the solid fuel industry.

Our Relationships with Our Customers

Time is the best friend of truth. Our relationships with our customers have always stood the test of time, and we are eternally grateful for the love and support this community has shown us. We take pride in delivering effective, affordable, and accessible heating solutions that actually pay for themselves. Likewise, we treat customers as part of our family. We are dedicated to always improving our customer service as we believe in practicing kindness, grace, and loyalty in everything. As leaders and pioneers, we are committed to fostering better relationships with our customers to set the standard and precedence for others in our industry.

Why Choose Alternate Heating Systems?

For more than three decades, we have been striving to pave the way in the solid fuel industry by establishing strong relationships with our customers, clients, and employees based on integrity and trust. We hope to continue our pursuit of delivering high-quality heating systems that are affordable, accessible, and cost-effective. By customizing our heating solutions to suit your needs, we can meet the needs of any scale and size of any customer. More importantly, our products are manufactured and produced in the United States, which means that you can be assured of their quality which will last more than a lifetime.

For more information about the heating systems we offer, please feel free to contact us at (717) 987-0099 today!