VF2500 PLUS Hot Air Furnace

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The VF2500+ Hot Air Furnace offers a larger combustion fan and larger grate holes than the standard VF2500. These upgraded features allow this forced air stoker furnace to produce 130,000 BTU/hr! 

Our Stoker Furnaces are a turn-key solution to lowering your heating costs.

These units connect directly to your ductwork and interface with your thermostat like a standard furnace. But instead of costly oil, propane, or electricity, our Stoker furnaces burn rice coal with incredible efficiency. Fuel oil backup is an optional add-on…

Intuitive user controls, temperature-controlled feed rate, large coal hopper, and extended burn time technology make for a relatively automated heating solution.

  • Convenient
  • Intuitive
  • Cost Effective
  • Fuel Efficient
  • Lifetime Durability
  • Standard UL Certification on units without oil backup option
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Assembled Specifications



Typical Heating Capacity (sqft)


Weight (lbs)


Flue Size (in)


Fuel Type

Rice Anthracite Coal

Optional Backup Fuel

Fuel Oil

Plenum Size (in)

20 x 20

Filter Size

14 x 20 x 1

Length (in)


Width (in)


Height (in)


Oil Backup

The VF2500 can be fitted with a backup fuel option. The F5 Riello burner mounts on the access door and fires into the firebox making a very efficient back up fuel source.

Note: adding the oil backup option voids the standard UL certification.