Outdoor Coal Boilers

S260 Outdoor

The S260 Coal Gun outdoor boiler is famous for its large hopper that can hold up to 3000 lbs of coal! The Coal Gun Outdoor boiler system that does not create creosote or give off any smoke!

This can last up to 30 days depending on demand. The Coal Gun

uses Pennsylvania’s locally mined anthracite fuel and can provide heat for an entire home including domestic hot water for about 70% less cost than electric and nearly 50% less cost than conventional oil or gas systems.
The outdoor housing can be custom designed to match the exterior color of the user’s home or outbuilding. Call today for more information!


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  • Outdoor Use
  • Large Hopper
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Cost Effective
  • Fuel Efficient
  • Versatile Applications
  • Lifetime Durability

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Assembled Specifications



Approximate Water Capacity (gal)


Width (in)


Height (in)


Length (in)


Approximate Weight (lbs)


Flue Size (in)


Return Tapping (NPT) (in)

(2) 1 1/2

Supply Tapping (NPT) (in)

1 1/2


Wood Siding 

Our standard siding is ribbed sheet metal, we offer the “board and batten” look as an option.

ASME Certification

The ASME Certification guarantees the steel grade and weld quality of the boiler water jacket. Each ASME Certified water jacket has been pressure tested to 60 PSI, and includes a 30 PSI release valve.


Domestic Coil

This Domestic Coil features a 100° F rise at 5 gallons per minute, 50° water inlet temperature and 65 PSI water pressure. It is threaded into a 4 IN NPT threaded fitting provided on the boiler for this purpose.