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453-019 Smoke Hood Exhaust Hood

The Smoke Exhaust Hood mounts over the load door of the Wood Gun and captures smoke that escapes during the fuel loading process. This smoke is then vented directly to the outside through a vent separate from the chimney. The Smoke Exhaust Hood includes a blower fan rated at 485 CFM. We recommend using a 5X6 adapter [200-040] and ducting to the outside with 6 IN duct for best performance.

Reloading the boiler while fuel remains in the firebox can result in significant amounts of smoke coming out the load door. More smoke escapes when the boiler is filled to the very top. Escaping smoke can be reduced by loading when there is very little left in the firebox or loading smaller amounts of wood. When tolerance for smoke is low, the Smoke Exhaust Hood is essential. Fits all Wood Gun boilers.


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