453-016 Standard Center Brick 18-3/4in long

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453-016 Standard Center Brick 18-3/4in long

This Center Brick is used in the E500 Wood Gun. When no Secondary Air Refractory is installed, 3 are required. If Secondary Air Refractory is being used, then the E500 requires 2 of this item [453-016], plus 1 of [453-021].

Standard refractory Center Brick provide the most predictable performance and service life for your Wood Gun boiler. Normal replacement cycle will vary with service duty of boiler. It is very important to replace Center Brick before nozzle wear leads to the erosion of brick support ledges on the Wood Gun Side Brick.

Install with smallest openings facing up. Center Brick nozzles are tapered, with the largest openings intended to be facing down. The bottom of the brick may be noticeably rougher. It may also have some gloss (shininess).


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