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423-031 SS CYCLONE ASBLY E100-E180 REV 2015

Revised Cyclone body and ash tray (in stainless steel) for these models:

  • E100
  • E155
  • E140
  • E180

This Cyclone can be fitted to Wood Guns of relatively recent manufacture. With this revision, cleaning the Cyclone and exit area on the boiler can be accomplished with he removal of an access plate on top the Cyclone. No Cyclone removal required!Stainless steel (304) fabrication means decades of service life.

If you own a Wood Gun built before 2015, you will require the Cyclone Adapter [423-123]. You may also be interested in ordering the Cyclone Mounting Gasket [200-052-19]. Two gaskets are required (or a double length of the gasket material) if you are using the adapter.

Stainless Cyclone bodies will have a marked difference in appearance from that shown

If you require a custom built Cyclone to accommodate your very old Wood Gun, one can be built. Call for details and costing: (717) 987-0099


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