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413-023 SIDE BRICK E180/E200

Side Brick, as installed in the Wood Gun, form the bottom of the fuel chamber. Tunnels in the Side Brick are the primary combustion area for the wood gases passing through. They are installed in left/right pairs, with the brick on each side simply turned 180° to form the other half of the pair. They also provide the ledge support upon which the Center Brick are placed. Center Brick are consumable items that suffer significant erosion from burning wood gas, while the Side Brick last much longer. The number and size of the Side Brick are determined by the Wood Gun model number.

The Wood Gun E180 and E200 boilers require the same Side Brick, but in different quantities, as shown:

  • E180 – Qty 8
  • E200 – Qty 10

Note: Side Brick freight will be quoted as shipped UPS, but may ship common carrier.


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