Multi-Fuel Value Edition - Non-Electric Controls - Prepper Ready

Multi-Fuel WC40 Value Edition

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Alternate Heating has developed a non-electrically controlled version of our Multi-Fuel boiler for value conscious customers and preppers. Based on our WC40, the WC40 VE (Value Edition) is thermomechanically controlled and will generate heat energy without a single watt of electricity consumed1. You will not be sacrificing quality or durability with our value oriented version of the Multi-Fuel!

Multi-Fuel WC40 VE,  MSRP (additional sizes available per request): $3,895

The same core non-control related features remain2:

  • ASME rated design (extra cost for stamp3)
  • Heavy 1/4 inch plate construction
  • Cast iron grate system
  • Ash pan
  • 10-yr warranty

WC40 Multi-Fuel VE Family Photos

1A chimney with strong (natural or otherwise) draft and some means to provide hot water circulation are required.
2Read more about our Multi-Fuel boilers.
3ASME Stamp is $500, and requires two, third party inspection during manufacture.