At Alternate Heating Systems, we have many types of heating systems to offer. After spending many years in this industry, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with the best heating system you could ever want. Maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature should be easy and accessible for everybody. We have coal boilers to hot air furnaces. We aim to provide you with effective heating solutions to create a warm and relaxed space for you.

Understanding High Quality Materials

Here at Alternate Heating Systems, we believe in quality over quantity. We strive to provide you with high-quality heating systems you can use for a long time. When it comes to designing and creating our products, we are proud to say that we use only good-quality materials to create long-lasting and reliable stoves. We overengineer our products from start to finish to be very efficient and durable. Each unit is welded, painted, and assembled by our skilled team who care, and want to give you a product you can trust and rely on. Our loyal customers have trusted us to effectively and efficiently heat their homes and businesses for many years.

Popular Heating Systems to Choose From

We have various popular heating systems that you can choose from. They are all energy-efficient alternatives. You can choose the coal boilers, which are made for efficiency and simplicity. Our Coal Gun series is self-maintaining, which is easy-to-use and low-maintenance. You can use it for just about any application. You can also try the hot air furnaces. Our self-maintaining hot air furnaces are a great economical option. The VF2500 series was engineered for dependability, efficiency, and longevity. You can choose the waste oil boilers if you have an abundant source of waste oil you can tap on. Save on disposal costs and make use of this inexpensive fuel with our economical alternative. Our Wood Gun series is top-of-the-line wood gasification boilers. Designed with the user in mind to be efficient, handle any type of wood, and last.

Benefits of High Quality Materials in Heating Systems

There are many benefits to using high-quality materials in your heating systems. Everyone needs a heating system to keep their homes and business places warm when it is cold. Nobody wants to buy one that will need to be replaced in 5 years! Having high-quality materials in your heating systems will allow you to save costs as you invest in a good one that you can use for life. That is why using high-quality materials and building proudly in the USA is so important!

Why Choose Alternate Heating Systems?

At Alternate Heating Systems, we hope to pave the way in the energy industry by providing efficient heating solutions for everyone. With over 35 years of experience, we have built a trustworthy brand that our customers appreciate. We will help you by providing high-quality, custom heating solutions to meet your needs. Our heating solutions are perfect for areas of any size. As a Christian-owned business, we hold biblical principles close to our hearts and strive to live out these values in the way we run our business. Our heating systems are made in the USA so you can be assured of the quality and they are made to last a lifetime.

To learn more about Alternate Heating Systems’ products, feel free to contact us or call us at (717) 667-8961 today.