Looking for a reliable heating system for your woodworking shop? Here at Alternate Heating Systems, we provide the perfect solution for your heating needs and cut costs on your heating bill. Our heating systems are made to be of the best quality and tailored to your specific needs. Rest assured you will find a suitable heater for your woodworking shop with us.

Understanding Woodworking Shops

Woodworking shops produce a variety of wood products such as wooden furniture (chairs, tables, etc.), wooden shelves, wooden picture frames, headboards, wooden utensils, and more. These are usually handcrafted by carpenters in the woodworking shop

Woodworking shops need plenty of heat, especially in the colder months as working in a cold shop is not only uncomfortable and unproductive but also dangerous. This is because the cold can cause workers’ fingers to be numb, can cause joints to ache more, and the general cold can make bodies move slower. Furthermore, heat is needed to ensure work can be done on time such as for finishes and glues to dry quickly. Extreme low temperatures may even cause damage to the wood and destroy a good piece of woodwork.

Hence, a good heater is definitely a necessity to ensure your woodworking shop can run smoothly all year long. There are also a few considerations when purchasing a heater for your shop. The most important of all is safety. It is best not to have any open flame heaters as it can be a fire hazard, especially with all the lumbar lying around the shop. Cost is another factor to consider as it should not cost you too much to keep your shop warm. Check out our Fuel Cost Comparison. The heater should also be extremely durable and efficient in the long run so that you don’t have to worry about having to replace it every few years.

Why Should Woodworking Shops Procure Their Heating Solutions from Alternate Heating Systems?

Alternate Heating Systems only produce safe and environmentally friendly heating systems that are suitable for shops of any size from 900 sqft and up. No matter the size of your space, we have got you covered. Our heaters are affordable and are a great value for the money as we build them to last a lifetime so that the heater you get from Alternate Heating Systems will be the last heater you will ever need. We also have a variety of heaters to choose from where you can decide on which fuel to use, such as coal, oil, or organic materials (e.g., wood) you might have laying around your woodworking shop. Our systems can be automated, to feed sawdust, wood chips for example. This will save you countless hours and still allow you to burn a much cheaper fuel. We want to provide our customers with an efficient and inexpensive way to heat their spaces.

Why Choose Alternate Heating Systems?

We have been in the industry for over 35 years, making the best fuel boilers and hydronic heaters in the market with a great warranty! As we are a family-owned and operated business, we value relationships and treat all of our customers like they are family. We value integrity and wish to give back to our community.

To learn more about how Alternate Heating Systems can serve woodworking shops, feel free to contact us or call us at (717) 667-8961 today.