Generally speaking, commercial heating systems must perform at a much higher level than their residential counterparts. Higher performance is because they often heat more square footage, which requires more energy and places more significant strain on the equipment.


Because of the amount of work and energy which is required for commercial heating units to do their job, challenges that you may encounter include:

  • Regular disposal of byproducts: For commercial businesses such as woodworking or car maintenance, it is common to produce byproducts when producing products. For instance, if you are in a woodworking business, your daily manufacturing makes a lot of sawdust and wood shavings. These wood byproducts give you and your team more work to do as you have to find a solution to remove them. For garage businesses, having to dispose of the used oil collected from day-to-day operations also takes time. It also poses a challenge to the method of disposal since it is no easy feat.
  • Very high heating bills: Commercial spaces tend to be large and require a lot of energy to keep them warm. Today the cost of energy is ever-increasing! As a business owner, you constantly seek ways to eliminate unnecessary costs.


Wood boilers and waste oil boilers from Alternate Heating Systems enable you to use byproducts such as used oil, sawdust, or wood shavings. You can use these byproducts to heat your workplace, saving you money and the effort of disposing of them!

In particular, the E1000 wood gasification boiler by Alternate Heating Systems is for commercial establishments of all sizes. It is available in either stainless or carbon steel and can heat an area of fifty thousand square feet. Our optional automated feeding system can maintain these commercial wood boilers, making them very easy to operate. It is manufactured in the United States, meaning craftsmanship and dependability are guaranteed.

Our commercial coal boilers also come in sizes up to 999,900 BTU/hr. These coal boilers use energy-dense, smokeless anthracite coal. Coal is 30% to 70% cheaper than conventional fuels.

Our commercial boilers are adaptable and capable of functioning with forced air, steam, and water-based systems. A fan will transport particle fuel into a big container. If you have more space to heat, you can add multiple units to accommodate your heating needs.


Tests conclude that our commercial Wood, Coal, or Waste-oil boilers are some of the industry’s most highly rated boilers. Our heating appliances will pay for themselves in only a few years. With a life expectancy of 20-plus years, you will reap the benefits for a lifetime. While traditional boilers waste approximately 2/3 of wooden energy potential, the E1000 is much more efficient and will transform fuel into heat that is consistent and clean.

Why Choose Alternate Heating Systems?

Our heating systems are cutting edge and come with several important features. For instance, the E1000 uses a cycle timer that will trigger its boiler to function within a specific period, which enables internal temperature regulation beyond its kindling point. It minimizes the number of times the user has to relight their unit during periods of lower demand manually. Backup systems can also be attached, allowing for natural gas, propane, or oil usage.

To learn more about our commercial heating solutions, contact us today!