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Coal Gun Stoker Boiler Options and Details

Coal Gun Details

The Coal Gun simply outperforms any coal stoker boiler in it's size class. Some of the reasons for this are revealed below:


Efficient Combustion

The Coal Gun is able to perform at such a high level because it combines great combustion efficiency with unparalleled heat capture efficiency. A powerful induction fan provides the air flow needed for efficient, complete combustion. The active burn cycle is started when the boiler's internal temperature drops, indicating a call for more heat. The draft induction fan will then start, bringing the boiler rapidly to full output. When the heat demand is met, the boiler's induction fan will shut down, and air flow will return to removing gas from the top of the fire, rather than pulling air through (and feeding) the fire. 

Unparalleled Heat Capture
Heat capture is accomplished with the fire tube/swirl tube heat exchanger. The swirl tube increases contact time between the heat exchanger and the hot gas, without appreciably reducing gas velocity in its travel through the unit. The exhaust gas stream will contain tiny pieces of fly ash that will literally scour the heat exchange surfaces, maintaining high efficiency without requiring frequent manual cleaning. Most fly ash will then be removed from the exhaust stream by the cyclone separator that is incorporated into the flue tube assembly. Our low stack temperatures are the direct result of great heat transfer.

Simple AND Advanced Feed Mechanism
Coal can be fed to the Coal Gun hopper manually (appropriate for small boilers), or by the use of an automatic auger. The Coal Gun hopper provides as much as 7 days of carry time for the S130, and provides some reserve storage for larger Coal Guns. Coal flows from the hopper into the burn zone (Coal pot) by gravity, with the rate of feed being tied to ash removal. Ash removal is accomplished in optimum fashion through the use of the thermally controlled grate (Thermo Ash Monitoring Control). The use of this  increases efficiency, eliminates most of the need to adjust the boiler throughout the season and greatly improves operation at both demand extremes (high vs low) and during periods of rapidly fluctuating demand.

Coal Gun Options and Accessories:

  • Domestic Coil or Canister and Coil
  • UL Listing
  • ASME Rating
  • Automatic Auger System
The Domestic Coil or Canister and Coil
The Domestic Coil option is the least cost method of tapping the boiler's heat for domestic hot water. A domestic coil is sometimes referred to as a tankless coil. This is because it is inserted directly into the water jacket, rather than into a separate tank. Our Canister Based Coil option employs a separate tank (canister), with a coil inserted, for tapping the boiler's heat at remote locations. The most sensible option for you will likely depend on how far the boiler is from where your hot water is being used. When this distance is great, you will want to use the Canister and Coil option.


UL Listing
The Coal Gun features the coveted UL Listing as an option. All Coal Gun hydronic heaters and boilers are built from UL registered or listed components. Listed units will also have been inspected by a highly trained UL employee, who will visit our factory and inspect individual units before allowing the UL Mark to be added to the face of the boiler. UL listed Coal Guns will also feature the ASME "H" stamp.

The UL Mark

ASME Rating
Alternate Heating Systems is an ASME approved boiler vessel manufacturer. Not every boiler vessel manufactured by AHS will have the "H" stamp affixed, but all will be built to ASME specicifications, including boiler stay size and location, and plate thickness. If your requirement is for a commercial installation or for a public building, you will need to purchase a "stamped" boiler. If you are installing our boiler for your residence and live in Michigan or Massachusetts, and you plan to pressurize your boiler (recommended), you also need to purchase a boiler with the stamp. ASME rated boilers incorporate an ASME rated and inspected boiler vessel. They will have the "H" boiler stamp affixed to the boiler end plate (front surface). Boilers with the ASME stamp have been inspected at two different times during their construction by an outside, ASME authorized inspector.

Automatic Auger System
An auger system offers the advantage of eliminating the manual lifting and dumping of coal into the Coal Gun hopper. The automatic auger employs a proximity switch inside the hopper. This switch will sense the presence or absence of coal. When coal has fed into the boiler from the hopper, such that the switch is no longer in contact with the coal, the switch will activate the auger and coal will be loaded automatically. Once the switch is covered, and after a programmed time delay to allow for more complete filling, the auger will be switched off.

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